Baby fever!

Baby fever is a SOB!  I was so sure i was done after my second child.  My hubby and i agreed we were both done, and that was the end of it.  Especially after the hard pregnancy i had with my boy.  Not to mention the labor and delivery from hell! Fast forward 6 years … More Baby fever!

Weight Struggles!

I’m a woman.  Women are their own worst critics.  I am my own worst critic!  I am so bad to myself, to my body.  There are some women who are so confident in themselves, their weight does not bother them.  They feel sexy, no matter how big or small they are.  That is certainly not … More Weight Struggles!

Damn you electronics!

Phones, laptops, computers, tablets, game consoles, phones, phones, and phones! Everything that distracts people from the world!  Things people cannot go a day without.  Me included…unfortunately.  I’m not innocent in this, and i am aware of that.  I am also aware that it needs to stop! I am so sick of it, even though i … More Damn you electronics!

I only had me.

I grew up very alone.  I had parents, i had siblings, but i was still very lonely.  My life was being in my bedroom, door closed, by myself.  I didn’t have many friends, if any at all, so i spent most of my time ALONE.  Not something i’m happy about or something that i am … More I only had me.